Designing an NFT Artwork

  • by Lois Nur Fathiarini
  • July 11, 2022
  • 3 minutes read


NFT, also known as Non-Fungible Token, is lately becoming a very popular digital asset collected by internet users from around the world. With various features and interesting offers which follow, NFT arts displayed on NFT marketplace platforms gives opportunity and advantage as digital asset or a new form of investment.

What’s further about NFT art and how to join the wagon of NFT world? We’ll try to discuss it on a simplest way. As described above, NFT art recently becoming one of the most popular and proven quite profitable as digital asset. A digital asset in the form of artwork or a design which has high aesthetic value can attract buyers, or in other words, collectors. We won’t be discussing about cryptocurriencies right now, but a general idea about creating and designing an NFT art.

Before joining the NFT art world, skill and ability especially in digital design is highly needed. The next question will be how to make an attractive and interesting NFT art. Here are some tips to start with.

1. Unique design idea

source: harunmudak

A simple first step to make an attractive NFT art is by preparing your design idea. It can be a particular design theme or a strong character you create. Prepare some sketch manually before continuing to digital process.

2. Make various theme for one character

source: Ahm Maoni

You can play a general theme with your series of artworks, such as horror or even romantic Victorian theme. But you can also have one main character and make various theme or costumes for this one character. This can be sold as a series or collectible items of artwork series, thus more digital assets.

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3. Be creative with your artwork items

NFTs support any kind of image format, including gifs. Don’t feel you are limited to static pieces of art. Animated gifs are certainly doing incredible well in the digital art market. Or perhaps create collectibles that provide a deeper meaning than just being pretty to look at: jigsaws that need to connected, NFT achievements that need to be unlocked to progress, themed NFTs based on holidays, national events, global movements. The box is there, just think outside of it.

4. Add some fun into the artwork

source: ArtToo

This is another way for being creative. However, instead of being creative in terms of your work, perhaps add something conceptual in the collection: collect a certain type or amount of items in order to receive another. Or give the items a humorous theme throughout, they don’t have to be taken too seriously. Of course there are die hard hobbyists or fans of certain themes, but a lot of people like to engage in collectibles simply for fun. Other ideas involve collectibles that uncover pirate treasures, or activate the ability to collect another item. The only limit is your imagination.

5. Know what you really like

Making artworks is an honest work. NFT world is also community-based, you need to find a perfect niche and community which suits your artwork style. The limit is endless for what kind of artwork someone can create, so knowing what you really like can help to guide what market niche you are targetting.

Of course there are more about NFTs we can discuss in another article. In the ever expanding cyber world, so many challenges and quests are waiting to be unlocked.

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Hello! My name is Lois, I live in Jogjakarta, Indonesia. I am a tattoo artist and I also love sewing and making needleworks. I also do watercolor painting and illustrations.

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