How to Overcome Creative Blocks for Designers

  • by Lois Nur Fathiarini
  • July 23, 2022
  • 4 minutes read


Creative block, or also known as Artist’s block, is a huge problem for most creative workers. Anyone who works in any creative area usually overcome this problem once in awhile.

Creative block is a condition where our mind seems to stop when we need to create something; either it’s a drawing, painting or writing- anything related with creative works. That’s why the other term for this is artist’s block.

This situation can be caused by many things; including lack of sleep and exhausted body condition which resulted in unfocused minds, perfectionism state of mind, incoming deadlines, hesitate and anxious about the finished result, lack of inspiration and references, thus ideas cannot be presented in a good way.

One might think that they running out of ideas to make a design which meet your needs and expectations. In a creative process, this also called as an “incubation stage” which will pass along the way. Take a deep breath, creative block happens to everyone!

There are some ways that a designer can do to overcome creative block without adding extra problems. Moreover, one can also get better work result and exceeding expectations, while also staying productive.

Enjoy the Process and Release Mind Burden

To meet one’s expectations in work result, a designer should releasing one’s mind burden about how the finished result will be. As long as you enjoy the process by putting your ideas one by one, the result will show eventually without needing much worry about it.

We should understand that ideas for design will always be present. We can’t always stick to a perfect result and neglecting the step-by-step process. Don’t forget to make your working environment comfortable.

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More Reading and Research

source: inVision

You can do a quick research about what’s new today, either by reading hot news at the local news sources, looking for informations or references through hashtags on Instagram, digging informations through Twitter, having conversations with fellows art workers, brainstorming or even reading relevant books.

Even now we can get inspirations from relevant websites or platform, such as LinkedIn for professionals in general or some design resource websites.

Put Yourself as an Audience to Understand Competitors

You can put yourself as an audience who will see your creative works, so you will also be able to acknowledge further whether your result is already meet client’s needs.

Besides, you can get ideas from fellow competitors and then making innovations. One thing to remember is not to copy other’s work, but instead keep your unique style and be innovative.

Using Pomodoro Technique

source: Dropbox

The Pomodoro Technique is a time management system that allows and encourages people to work with the time they have. The easiest example is working with time interval; 25 work time and then 15 break, and so on. This works well to reduce boredom and pressure during creative blocks. This system allows you to arrange your effective working time rather than strict 9-5 general working schedule.

Again, for example, you set your work time interval for 30 minutes and then 10 minutes break. You can refresh your mind and body by stretching, taking a look outside the window, having some glass of water, listening to podcast and other stuff in between your scheduled work time.

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Be Patient with the Process

source: Telegraph

We often forget that we need to be patient in the process of making something. A small step is a progress. Good things take time.

As explained on the start of the article, you need to enjoy the process. The process you walk through serves as a channel of curiosity and a chance to explore your self.

As a conclusion, when facing a creative block, an artist or designer will need to face themselves. Acknowledging and admitting their limitations and weakness, while also looking for more possibilities in the process and in the future. Creative block is a part of the creative process itself, so don’t worry! This too, shall pass.


Hello! My name is Lois, I live in Jogjakarta, Indonesia. I am a tattoo artist and I also love sewing and making needleworks. I also do watercolor painting and illustrations.

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