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5 Popular Graphic Design Styles Suitable for You!

  • by Nikolas Noel
  • September 21, 2022
  • 3 minutes read


You have plenty of ways to style your clothes for a variety of purposes. Each style you choose can determine your preferences, taste and creativity in fashion. Just like that, considering your graphic design style is a vital thing to define the things above as implemented in your graphic design. There actually plenty of graphic design styles out there. But here, we are going to cover the 5 most popular graphic design styles suitable for your project.

1. Flat Design Style

Flat design is a modern style of user interface design. The user journey is planned, and the interface offers little or no distractions or friction in a flat design. Flat design offers a contemporary approach to user interface design that emphasizes cleanliness and order. Flat designs make for highly functional websites.

Source: freepik.com

Flat Design Properties:

  • Modern; digital-friendly
  • Minimalist and simplicity (no gradients, textures, or any other abstract forms)
  • Symmetrical 2D elements (usually symbolic icons)

2. 3D Design Style

Three-dimensional graphic design is the opposite of flat design. 3D design elements are characterized by the appearance of volume and mass, giving the impression that the design is larger and more alive. This design style is popularly used in various media, especially for animation needs.

Source: freepik.com

3D Design Properties:

  • Has an appearance of volume and mass
  • Mostly use a single shade of color
  • Use lightning effect to highlight 3D parts

3. Abstract Design Style

Abstract style is an imaginative design style that can incorporate flat and 3D designs or maybe other styles into it. Draw arbitrary lines and combine components to create a design. But still, it should be interesting to the viewer, so your goal can be fulfilled. Despite the fact that you can combine arbitrary lines and shapes, the design should have a purpose: to communicate the customer’s message.

Source: redbubble.com

Abstract Design Properties:

  • Does not clearly illustrate the form or shape of a design
  • Arbitrary combinations of lines and shapes that can be modeled in multiple dimensions
  • Its meaning depends on individual opinion
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4. Retro Design Style

Retro referring to past-inspired aesthetic style. Actually, retro stands for “retrospective“, which means “looking back“. It aims to evoke feelings of nostalgia for the past. The term “retro” describe the revival of vintage but still relatively modern style. The retro design was developed to meet the demand for strong, striking graphics that could easily be mass-produced given the printing press’s capabilities of the time.

Source: dribble.com

Retro Design Properties:

  • Illustration of vintage style
  • Use of bold colors with strong variety of patterns and shapes
  • Use of hard shadows fonts or hand-drawn typefaces

5. Photorealistic Design Style

Photorealistic design led you to make a design based on a creative idea that was inspired by a real-world photograph. You can create a design based on real objects as a full illustration or you can combine photorealistic images with your graphic art. This kind of design style is usually used for product or advertisement purposes or as an contemporary art.

Source: barakashop.co.za

Photorealistic Design Properties:

  • Use well-defined lines and shapes
  • Have complexity of detail in the illustration
  • Have to resemble the original image


Those are the top five design styles you can use for references. For any design project, you can pick from a wide variety of graphic design styles. The final decision on the style you wish to use depends on both you and your client.


El is a chemistry teacher and graphic designer, two combinations that some people question. Still, graphic design is a skill he enjoys outside of his career as a chemistry teacher. Through the world of graphics, El finds love and relieves boredom outside of the chemical experiments that many of his students are confused about at school. He wants to continue providing the best work amidst other busyness.

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