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10 Upcoming Graphic Design Trends in 2023

  • by Lois Nur Fathiarini
  • December 25, 2022
  • 4 minutes read


Woohoo it’s almost 2023! It’s time to find out what will be trending in 2023. Graphic design is always developing in line with marketing, web design, art and fashion trends. Understanding design trends, especially in graphic design is important for a graphic designer and a brand owner; because by understanding the graphic design trend we can imply the right design implementation for a brand or company.

Of course new and innovative trends will emerge in 2023, but also some 2022 trends will still prevails. Here we predict and summarize 10 popular graphic design trends that you can use as a guideline as a graphic designer and a brand owner.

Vibrant Nostalgic Designs

source: Pinup Dreams on Etsy

Some designs are old but gold. In 2023, we will see more graphic designs using traditional mediums on its visual such as books, newspapers and old magazines as references. This style will suits brands which want to give a vintage look (but still fresh!) on their product image.

Natural Pattern and Textures

source: Media Heroes

As back-to-nature and environment-friendly theme are widely use nowadays in some holistic brands, graphic design style which add natural patterns and textures is becoming more attractive. Name them mountain landscape, wood fibers, stone texture or foliage patterns; they usually works well as a background, combined with hand-drawn elements or vintage design style.

Grain, Noise and Rust Textures

source: weandthecolor

A little bit contradictive with natural pattern; grain and noise textures are actually also natural, but it will gives a more industrial and modern feeling rather than a fresh, natural look. This kind of textures will suits for brands who want to create a more luxurious and industrial look.

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Expressive Lettering and Organic Type

source: It Just Flows

Along with natural pattern and textures, we will see a lot of handwritten texts on graphic designs in 2023. These handwritten or calligraphic texts gives out a more humanly, personal touch on the design. This can be an opportunity for brands who like to personalize their products; expressive lettering can make a more friendly vibe to the audience.

3D Design Elements and 3D Typography Designs

source: Stuart Wade

If you want your design to look more stand out in 2023, you can try adding 3 dimensional elements into your design. It can look as simple as a vector design, but 3D elements will add more depth and certain ambience into your design.

Geometric Shapes

source: Creative Boom

Meanwhile geometric shapes are already taking its place in 2022, they are still one of the favorites until today. These simple shapes such as rectangle, triangle, circles can be manipulated in such ways to give modern and professional look in a brand. This design style is suitable for brands who wants to shows stability.

Serif Font

source: PicsArt

Serif font is also still a favorite in 2023. The famous serif font can always add an elegant touch in a graphic design. This font is still used widely in almost every line of design.

Fun Dainty Doodles

source: Freepik

These dainty doodles are really fun to do and is quite versatile for design use. It can be a simplified version for a more complex design concept; thus it usually suitable for brands who want to add more fun into their image and designs.

Animated Illustrations

source: Jameela Wahlgren on Behance

Graphic design in the form of illustration is quite common; but adding some animation will surely gain more attention. This graphic design style is very suitable for business who wants to look friendlier with their audience by adding some fun elements.

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Diversity and Inclusion-themed Graphics

source: Yolo County

Another graphic design trends which will dominate in 2023 is diversity and inclusion-themed graphics. With more diversity and inclusion proclaimed in this always-expanding-world, we will see more designs that shows people with various backgrounds and cultures.


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