5 Types of Graphic Design to Consider in Pursuing Your Creative Passion

  • by Nikolas Noel
  • October 04, 2022
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Now we live in the digital era, which summarizes many things into digital forms. For example, the marketplace, social space, and even services can be easily accessible digitally. This leads to an increase in the need for attractive designs to increase the traffic of each of these digital assets, especially for business needs.

As a result, people now focus their passion on the design of potential work as graphic designers. You might realize that graphic designers use technology to produce their work, but that is not the only thing to realize in graphic design.

The graphic design itself is a communication skill that uses images to help people understand what is said. There is no best approach to conveying concepts through visual composition using graphic design. There are several types of graphic design as a result. So, what exactly does the graphic design industry need, and what types of graphics are available?

Here we summarize the 5 most recent graphic design types to consider for your creative passions in the digital era.

1. Visual Identity Design

Source: behance.net

Graphic design is mostly used to promote brand identity. Using poor graphic design is detrimental to many companies, therefore it is crucial to make sure to have good communication with a designer that comprehends the message that the companies want to convey. Using a successful graphic design will eventually become synonymous with the organization itself, helping in company growth.

In creating a visual identity design needs to focus on the brand’s elements. Especially those recognizable things about the brand that could engage memories and experiences from the clients. So graphic designers compile the design for a brand with precise fonts, colour schemes, logos, and pictures as the brand’s visual elements.

They also set some specific rules about the use of the design they’ve made. To purposively maintain the brand consistency so it would be recognizable and would be familiar (having continuity) to the clients.

2. Marketing and Advertising Design

Source: pinterest.com

Graphic design for marketing and advertising is another well-known type of design. This form of design incorporates components of visual identity design as discussed above. The designer needs to have an in-depth understanding of the brand or company and the products they are marketing.

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The main objective here is the effectiveness of marketing. Engaging an audience and influencing their decision-making process. Your interests are taken into account when making advertisement design. When marketers want to grab an audience’s attention and make a lasting impression, it’s when graphic design play important role in marketing and advertising.

3. User Interface Design

Source: behance.net

Today, the phrase “user interface design” is often used in the digital era, but it is still rarely heard by many. The interaction between a user and a device or application is at the heart of the UI (User Interface). It involves the process of developing user-friendly, easily scaleable graphic user interfaces for both novices and experts. The visual experience and designs of visual components like menus, icons, and more are the emphasis of UI designs.

On the other hand, UX (User Experience) focuses on how the application functions. The UX designer is the graphic designer who decides how the program functions together with the appropriate interface, this designer collaborates with the UI designer. In addition, UI developers help write software that makes programs work. In conclusion, the best digital experiences for the target market are produced by both UI/UX designers.

4. Publication Design

Source: dandad.org

Moving to the least digital type of design that still has a role in this digital era by its modification of use is publication design. Publication design is more traditional than any other type of design we have discussed, but it has interest and is widely known abroad.

Color contrast is an important thing to consider when designing a publication. Because the design of publications is commonly used in print media and has an important role as the first impression about a product to the audience. Even though it’s mainly used for print media, publication design is now also shifted into digital form.

For this case, designers of publications strive to be specialists in digital printing and publishing and to have a thorough understanding of colour management. A developing company needs capable designers and marketers to advance the field of digital publishing. It’s affected by how people acquire knowledge and conduct knowledge searches have been impacted by the transition from offline to online.

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The majority of graphic designers in the publishing industry collaborate closely with art directors, editors, and publishers. Publication design aims to use specialized typography, images, illustrations, graphics, and artwork to produce a unified design that blends well with the publication.

5. Motion Design

Source: invisionapp.com

Motion design is another type of graphic design that looks more different. It’s because motion design includes movement in regular digital artwork. This makes motion graphic design one of the more eye-catching graphic designs that are still crucial.

Animated videos, images, typography, and other moving graphics can all be produced by a motion graphics designer. This style of design is most frequently used in movies, social media graphics, electronic devices, and other online media. Motion designers in this industry should be well-versed in 3D modelling, marketing, and coding, and they should be able to modify their designs to work with various internet platforms and mediums.

Motion graphics are becoming increasingly common in all internet media. The list of examples includes animated logos, interfaces for websites, mobile applications, and video games, as well as title sequences and end credits in motion pictures and television programs. Motion graphics are increasingly gaining popularity as a successful medium for advertising and promotion.


There are many other types of designs you can learn about out there. Each type of graphic design has its own unique uses and interests regardless of what goal it is trying to achieve. With this article, it is hoped that you will have the insight to try different types of graphic design that might suit your creative interests. And it can be further used for profit in the field of advertising and brand development. Good luck, ciao!


El is a chemistry teacher and graphic designer, two combinations that some people question. Still, graphic design is a skill he enjoys outside of his career as a chemistry teacher. Through the world of graphics, El finds love and relieves boredom outside of the chemical experiments that many of his students are confused about at school. He wants to continue providing the best work amidst other busyness.

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