Beneficial Relation Between Graphic Design and Social Media

  • by Nikolas Noel
  • November 17, 2022
  • 5 minutes read


Social media is something that everyone in the world owns. The use of social media allows for the utilization of numerous aspects. Social media demands from the public may be used for business, content can be made monetizable, and advertising is made simpler for entrepreneurs. Using social media as a valuable tool by graphic designers is now possible as a result.

Social media presents opportunities, challenges, and perhaps even frightening obstacles for graphic designers to conquer. It cannot, however, be disregarded. Social media and graphic design work together beneficially. If you can control that delicate balance, you can improve both your ability to be a successful artist and businessperson.

As a graphic designer, you can establish your brand on social media platforms and engage users with your distinctive message. You can communicate with your ideal clients and attract new ones through platforms like Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter. Here in this article, we will discuss several things you can do to optimize the use of social media for your development as a graphic designer.

Increase Engagement

The social media manager evaluates each post’s engagement, virality and score. This goal can be achieved in many ways using graphic design. You are almost likely to make some changes to your post as a designer. You’ll start by including images that people can’t help but share, share tips, or create other educational and informative content. The text will then be summarized and added to the image, making everything concise and impactful right away. Good news: by visually changing your post, you can increase engagement and, most likely, increase the likelihood of it going viral.

Good Branding, Good Flow

First impressions are very important because social media is an instant and real-time access environment. People often only see your profile, cover photo, avatar, and icon before scrolling past you. In a sea of competition, graphic design differentiates your profile and brand, especially on important platforms like Facebook, Twitter and Instagram. For this, you need a clear goal for your identity as a graphic designer on social media and focus on something you are good at so you will be known for it. For example, if you are good at making vector art, then focus on that area first, and develop what is your interest while still offering something useful for your audience.

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Additionally, you must make sure that your first impression holds up across all platforms; for this, a keen eye for beautiful design is a must. The majority of sites want a logo or profile photo that is about the square, but cover images are typically landscapes. If you’re working for a client or simply trying to market your own services as a designer, you’ll need branded versions of both. Additionally, keep in mind that occasionally you’ll need a portrait image for platforms.

Recommended Social Media for Graphic Design

To start your journey in utilizing social media, here are some social media and why you need to use them to promote your graphic designs.


Although strictly a portfolio website, Behance should also be viewed as a social networking network by graphic designers. It is a social media hotspot for creative professionals, therefore you should take advantage of it to highlight your graphic design skills by using social media to its full potential. You will find yourself networking naturally if you use Behance to admire, gather, and comment on the work of other designers.


Facebook is a great platform for gaining visibility and paying subscribers. Even if it’s not your social media site of choice, this is where the client is. Due to Facebook’s continued dominance in terms of the number of users, the network is also very effective here. You can take advantage of several features on Facebook that make it easier for you to reach clients, such as channels and groups.

Pinterest and Instagram

Because they are so visually driven, social media sites like Pinterest and Instagram are excellent locations for graphic designers. Both platforms can function as portfolios in many ways, helping you naturally gain followers when you share your work. It’s still a great place to look even though there may not be many paying clients around. Apart from that, they can also be a place to find inspiration in your work, because there are so many creative assets that are easily accessible there.

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Graphic Design Influences Social Media

Graphic designers will assume a more significant role on the various social media platforms as consumers of social media expect more engaging material and real-time experiences. Ads will compete for viewers’ attention, as usual, so only the strongest and most attractive ones will stand out. The user experience, which is the main goal of every social media network, is also fundamentally dependent on graphic design. The basic line is that even in strictly graphic design professions, you’ll require social media experience because graphic designers are in high demand in the world of social media.

Final Words

Excellent visual design is essential for social media because it increases engagement, enhances user experience, and increases advertising effectiveness. In addition to using social media for client work, graphic designers should know how to use it for self-promotion, client acquisition, networking, and skill development. Graphic design will continue to influence how social media develops and may make social media profiles and brands stand out.


El is a chemistry teacher and graphic designer, two combinations that some people question. Still, graphic design is a skill he enjoys outside of his career as a chemistry teacher. Through the world of graphics, El finds love and relieves boredom outside of the chemical experiments that many of his students are confused about at school. He wants to continue providing the best work amidst other busyness.

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