5 Design Tools for Social Media Content

  • by Lois Nur Fathiarini
  • November 20, 2022
  • 4 minutes read


On this digital business era, graphic design becoming a priority as people is not attracted more by visual graphics; especially for social media followers or audience. That’s why, spending more time to make social media content is a priority to do, especially when you are running a business through digital marketing campaign on social media. You will need a strong magnet to attract future followers or audience who will turn into potential buyers, by making a unique, attractive social media content with your brand characteristic.

To get a maximum result, good design tools are needed which are easy to use. There are so many design tools that you can choose, with features that is very friendly even for beginners.

1. Canva

Have you seen lately some design results with certain topics on Instagram or Facebook? These cool pictures or posters were made using this design tool, Canva. Canva offers so many interesting features and great result, even when you are using its free version. What makes it more interesting is that this design tool can be easily accessed through both desktop and smartphone; it also has drag and drop features. Besides, Canva provides various attractive templates that you can choose.

source: Entrepreneur.com

It also easy to use when it comes to sizing, you don’t need to arrange your specific needs such as for Facebook cover, logo and posters, Facebook Ads, Instagram story, and so on. This online design tool already have the size templates ready to use. A beginner graphic designer can easily make social media contents, posters, illustration, and so on.

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2. Pablo by Buffer

source: Page One Power

If Canva feels too complicated, you can try Pablo which is more simple. You can freely choose your own template, announcements, quotes, promotional stuff and many more. What’s more is that this tool enables you to change text position just in one click. Pablo is recommended for you who wants to make blog illustrations, business website, quote sheet, logos and for Pinterest posts.

3. Piktochart

For you who wants pretty graphic design results, you can try Piktochart application. Just like Canva, this design tool also provides drag and drop feature so that your social media content design process can be done quicker and effectively with maximum result.

source: Venngage.com

Meanwhile for you who likes to do presentations using Power Point, you can also try making presentation slides using Piktochart as variation. You can make slides using Piktochart, and then download all slides into pictures that you can later arrange for presentation.

4. Adobe Spark

Another design tool that you can use is Adobe Spark. It can be used online by using PC or laptop, and also can be accessed through smartphones. If you want to make a cool website page, memorable and attract more viewers, you can use this design tool to be creative as your wish.

source: FixThePhoto

In Adobe Spark, there are various template that are attractive, professional and also clean. These templates saves a lot of time for users when doing the design process. You can choose the templates you like, uploading pictures you want to use and edit them according to your needs. Video making is one of the best feature here. With simple steps, you can easily get your own promotional video with good quality.

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5. Vectr

For you who is looking for design tool to make vector designs, then Vectr is a good choice. You can design your own icons, logos or favicons. Even though the features are not as complete as Adobe Illustrator, Vectr is quite worthy to use, especially for beginners. You can do your graphic design process online, and also you can download its desktop application to ease your graphic design process needs.


Those are 5 design tools that you can choose to help your activity in digital marketing campaign; from making logos, Facebook or Twitter cover, daily content for social media, promotional ads, posters and so on. Don’t forget that basic knowledge for graphic designs are also needed such as color, typography or general composition. Design tools are another way to help our work, but the creativity is on us!


Hello! My name is Lois, I live in Jogjakarta, Indonesia. I am a tattoo artist and I also love sewing and making needleworks. I also do watercolor painting and illustrations.

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